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15 April 2012 @ 08:55 pm

- 1827 Namimori's Sky Scanlation Group -

There's our Doujinshi project list, including VI/EN translations & RAWs. Please support us more in the future, thank you!

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 Guess who made those two cute fanarts? They are Paku (paku_xd@yahoo.es) and Kid-chan @Namimori's Sky. Minna-san, please give them a "thanks" for their hard work! 

(By: Paku)

(By: Kid-chan)

10 April 2012 @ 04:50 am

Well, someone asked me about the Project, so I’m gonna explain a few more details for you guys.

- For fanfic: If you don’t mind to tell us what kind of fanfic you want to write and the idea&plot of your story, then mail to us.

- For fanart: Both color and black&white fanart are okay. May your art isn’t gorgeous but don't hesitate, you draw it with love and we’ll respect that.

Other fanworks such as Graphic design, FST, AMV are welcomed as well.

A simple but most important thing: Any kinds of fanworks realated to 1827 are acceptable so feel free to do what you like.

Please finish your work and send it to us before Apr 27th. Besides, can you post it on Fanfiction.net (for fanfic), Deviantart (for fanart), and also your own LJ on May 5th 2012, at 18:27PM?

Don't forget our e-mail address: 1827namimorisky@gmail.com

We’re looking for your contribution!

P/s: I’ve just deleted all my LJ message by mistake. OMG! There’s a few messages that I haven't read or reply yet. Someone who had contacted me through LJ, if you guys can read this, please send your message to me again. Thanks!

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Minna-san konnichiwa! (* ¯¯)

ARE you READY to work for the annual project to celebrate our Bloody chairman’s birthday? This year, NS'ers and I named it:
天命”/”Tenmei”. This word is short but has so much meanings: "God's will; heaven's decree; fate; karma; destiny…", and it does fit 1827 perfectly.

We all already know that Hibari Kyouya is a sadist who doesn’t like crowds and always does as he please. Go against his will = You'll get bitten to death, but I think he won’t refuse a birthday party with fangirl's gifts, and a Cute-Little-Tuna as HIS treasure present. Moreover, he’s somehow a gentleman so he won’t break our hearts, nee?

Yosh! We all know about fangirl’s power. If you wanna do something for him, even just a little thing like drawing fanart, making FanSoundtracks, writing fanfic, or anything else... Let’s JOIN our Project and DO it now, we'll happily welcome you O(≧∇≦)O

Don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail: 1827namimorisky@gmail.com
And follow us on Tumblr: 1827namimorisky (it's newly created)

Designer: Py-chan@Namimori'sSky
IMG Source: Zerochan

11 November 2011 @ 08:31 pm

Hi to all members of Namimori's Sky! I'm Gekkei, one of the Japanese translators of the group, also a moderator of this comm. I'm gonna announce you something.

First, I made a mistake in pronouncing "HacoTsuna Hamidashi Kobanashi". Yes, I misread the katakana of its name. The font was kind of difficult to read, that's why. However, the English version of the name was not wrong. Next time I'll be more careful so that not to misread a single word. Hope you don't mind my mistake. Thanks for all the supporting you have been giving us!

Second, today I accidentally saw this blog while surfing around internet. She's a member of our comm, but she has not said anything to us mods before bringing our work out and translating into another language. Even though she posted with credit, the fact that she didn't ask our permission first is still unacceptable. Her membership will be removed from Namimori's Sky.

We messaged her asking her to delete the entry in which our work was tranlated and posted without permission. She deleted it as we asked.

Anyway, guys, please take note of this simple rule below:


At least ask us first. Noone bites you if you behave politely. I think this's the basic manner and everyone knows this for certain. It's really disappointed us. I hope this won't happen again.

Thanks for your time!


16 September 2011 @ 02:16 am

Dear all members of Namimori's Sky, also people who want to join our community, we're having some words to you and a bit new update to the rules. Please take a little time of yours to read it. 

We have just started this community for about a month, and we know exactly our own mind. Our community is not very large, but we have the right to be proud of it. Approving requests has always been considering carefully and strictly by the mods. It isn't because we think superior of ourselves or self-proclaim anything that we go so difficult on approving and unapprove your requests. It's because we just do everything for 1827, for 1827 fans.

If you are 1827 fans, or you think you have love for this couple enough, we're very pleased to give you a chance to join the community, of course. However, if 1827 is nothing to you, please think again before hitting the join button on our community's profile page. 

No welcome for anti 1827 and anti AraPuri fans, since we have nothing to talk to.

The following is the new update to the rules:

1. Read the rules carefully, PLEASE. Empty and newly created journal will NOT get approved, unless you give an acceptable reason. Otherwise, don't bother to click the join button.
2. Don't randomly friend the mods, that won't help you any better on getting approved your request or access any downloadable files. If you simply want to make friend, at least let us know who you are before adding our LJs.
3. We WILL NOT accept someone who is a member of ci_yaoi or ys_scanlations  Those community posts work of many scanlation groups without their permission.
4. Due to the rule above, please let your "Friend of" list shown so we can make sure you are not member of any thievish communities.
5. Since we're pretty busy with life stuff, it may take a little while for your request to be approved. However, if your LJ suits the rules but your request still doesn't get approved, that may because we pass it by accident. Please comment on the first entry let us know and click join again.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,


16 June 2011 @ 01:23 am
Namimori's Sky 1st joint project:
1827 Fanday Project

The event is going to take place on September 9. If you have any question, please drop us a comment here or contact us via email 1827namimorisky@gmail.com for more details. We are looking forward to your contribution ~♥
Let's try our best for the sake of Hibari-sama and Tsunayoshi-sama!

15 June 2030 @ 11:44 pm


This community is MEMBERS ONLY so you MUST join in order to read all the entries. If you are willing to join our community, please take a minute to read the RULES carefully. Any members breaks the rules will be permanently banned from the community.

    Hi to all 1827 fellow fans out there, we are Vietnamese 1827 Fanclub. This community dedicated to our beloved pairings 1827/HibariXTsuna and AraPuri/AlaudeXGiotto of the manga/anime series Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Our community's main work is scanlating doujinshi. Beside, we also translate RAW doujinshi from other sources with permission and credit, of course. Most of our projects are RAW; therefore, we really need translators who can translate Japanese/Chinese into English. We are also looking for more editors and proofreaders. So, if you are interested in any of our books and want to give us a hand, don't hesitate to contact us via email: 1827namimorisky@gmail.com.

   Thank you very much! If you have any questions or concern about an issue not addressed here, please leave a comment below this entry or send us a message to 1827namimorisky@gmail.com.

Let's spread the love of 1827~♥


Community maintainers: kurapika_kun ; rosanie
Moderators: kurapika_kun ; rosanie